Temperature Controlled

Only a small portion of transportation carriers specialize in temperature-controlled freight shipments. C&L Transport, Inc. are experts in the temperature-controlled transportation field. Our trucks have a built-in refrigeration system inside the trailer, allowing us to keep cargo at a regulated temperature throughout transport. We specialize in the shipment of perishable foods, fruits, and beverages. These products require the specific, controlled environment of our specialized trucks.

There are many other benefits to using temperature-controlled transport. It prevents overheating during warmer months and protects against freezing or sub-zero temperatures. The controlled environment of our refrigerated trucks also helps prevent issues attributed to changes in altitude. Any freight that needs a controlled environment will benefit from the use of our temperature controlled trucks.

At C&L Transport, Inc. we stay compliant with DOT and FMSCA regulations and temperature monitoring safety protocols. Our trucks are equipped with tracking technologies, so we know at a moment’s notice where each shipment is located. We are committed to providing a safe travel environment for all temperature-sensitive freight on its shipping journey.



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